Hotels in Hove, East Sussex

Dialing Code: 01273

Adastral Hotel a8 Westbourne Villas. Tel.888800
Chatsworth Hotel a9 Salisbury Road. Tel.737360
Cinderella Hotel n48 St Aubyns. Tel.727827
Courtlands Hotel uThe Drive. Tel.731055 Fax.328295
Hangleton Manor Hotel nHangleton Valley Drive. Tel.413266
Imperial Hotel pFirst Avenue. Tel.777320 Fax.777310
Langfords Hotel n8 Third Avenue. Tel.738222
Milton Hotel l81 St Aubyns. Tel.738587
Princes Marine Hotel i153 Kingsway. Tel.207660 Fax.325913
Sackville Hotel c189 Kingsway. Tel.736292
Seafield Hotel a23 Seafield Road. Tel.735912
Seaholme Hotel a10 Seafield Road. Tel.731066
Ship Hotel i3 Hove Street. Tel.734936
St Catherines Lodge Hotel Seafront, Kingsway. Tel.778181 Fax.774949
The Russell Lodge Hotel e13 Holland Road. Tel.770256
The Wardley Hotel e10 Somerhill Avenue. Tel.730910


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