Hotels in Bournemouth, Dorset

Dialing Code: 01202

Abbey Court Hotel b28 Knole Road, Boscombe. Tel.300883
Alum Dene Hotel u2 Burnaby Road. Tel.764011
Alum Grange Hotel u1 Burnaby Road. Tel.761195
Arlington Hotel lExeter Park Road. Tel.552879 Fax.553012
Ashleigh Hotel h6 Southcote Road. Tel.558048
Avonwood Hotel o20 Owls Road, Boscombe. Tel.394704
Babbacombe Court Hotel b28 West Hill Road. Tel.552823
Balmoral Hotel l11 Kerley Road, West Cliff. Tel.551186
Bay View Hotel y35 East Overcliff Drive. Tel.294449 Fax.292883
Belvedere Hotel l14 Bath Road. Tel.297556 Fax.294699
Berkeley Hotel r30 Knyveton Road. Tel.553332
Bewdley Hotel w70 St Michaels Road. Tel.553530
Boltons Hotel l9 Durley Chine Road South. Tel.751517
Bonnington Hotel n44 Tregonwell Road. Tel.553621
Bourne Dene Hotel u12 Manor Road, East Cliff. Tel.553127
Bourne Hall Hotel u14 Priory Road, West Cliff. Tel.299715 Fax.552669
Bournemouth International Hotel u6 Priory Road, West Cliff. Tel.551888
Bramcote Hall Hotel a1 Glen Road, Boscombe. Tel.395555
Britannia Hotel i40 Christchurch Road. Tel.556700
Burley Court Hotel r29 Bath Road. Tel.552824 Fax.556704
Burlington Hotel rOwls Road, Boscombe. Tel.398079
Cairnsmore Hotel i37 Beaulieu Road. Tel.763705
Cavendish Hotel v20 Durley Chine Road. Tel.290489
Cecil Hotel c4 Durley Road, West Cliff. Tel.553160
Charlesworth Hotel a35 Tregonwell Road. Tel.779177
Chatfield Hotel aBoscombe Spa Road. Tel.394909
Chequers Hotel e17 West Cliff Road. Tel.553900
Cherry View Hotel e66 Alum Chine Road. Tel.760910
Chesterwood Hotel eEast Overcliff Drive. Tel.558057 Fax.556285
Chine Beach Hotel i14 Studland Road. Tel.767015
Chine Cote Hotel i25 Studland Road. Tel.761208
Chine Grange Hotel i25 Chine Crescent, West Cliff. Tel.553021
Chine Hotel i25 Boscombe Spa Road. Tel.396234 Fax.391737
Chinehurst Hotel i18 Studland Road, Westbourne. Tel.764583 Fax.762854
Chines Hotel i9 Rosemount Road. Tel.761256
Chislehurst Grange Hotel i1 Kerley Road. Tel.552887
Cintra Hotel nFlorence Road, Boscombe. Tel.396103
Claremont Hotel a89 St Michaels Road, West Cliff. Tel.316668
Clarendon Hotel a36 Crabton Close Road, Boscombe. Tel.396585
Cleveland Hotel e90 West Cliff Road. Tel.760993
Cliff Court Hotel i15 West Cliff Road. Tel.555994 Fax.780954
Cliff End Hotel i99 Manor Road. Tel.309711
Cliffeside Hotel i32 East Overcliff Drive. Tel.555724 Fax.314534
Commodore Hotel mSouthbourne Overcliff Drive. Tel.423150
Coniston Hotel n27 Studland Road. Tel.765386
Cottonwood Hotel t81 Grove Road. Tel.553183
County Hotel uWestover Road. Tel.552385 Fax.297255
Cransley Hotel a11 Knyveton Road. Tel.290067
Creffield Hotel e7 Cambridge Road. Tel.552876
Crescent Royal Hotel e456 Christchurch Road. Tel.393200
Croham Hurst Hotel o9 Durley Road South, West Cliff. Tel.552353 Fax.311484
Cronulla Hotel o27 Grand Avenue. Tel.418826
Crosbie Hall Hotel o21 Florence Road. Tel.394714
Cumberland Hotel mEast Overcliff Drive. Tel.290722 Fax.311394
Dene Court Hotel n19 Boscombe Spa Road. Tel.394874
Devon Towers Hotel v58 St Michaels Road. Tel.553863
Diplomat Hotel p6 Durley Chine Road, West Cliff. Tel.555025
Dorset Westbury Hotel r62 Lansdowne Road. Tel.551811
Douglas Towers Hotel u7 Boscombe Spa Road. Tel.309800
Dunvegan Hotel n21 St Johns Road. Tel.396611
Durley Chine Hotel r29 Chine Crescent, West Cliff. Tel.551926 Fax.310671
Durley Grange Hotel r6 Durley Road, West Cliff. Tel.554473 Fax.293774
Durley Hall Hotel r7 Durley Chine Road, West Cliff. Tel.751000 Fax.757585
Durlston Court Hotel r47 Gervis Road, East Cliff. Tel.316316 Fax.316999
Earlham Lodge Hotel r91 Alumhurst Road, Westbourne. Tel.761943
East Anglia Hotel s6 Poole Road. Tel.765163 Fax.752949
East Cliff Cottage Hotel s57 Grove Road, East Cliff. Tel.552788
East Cliff Lodge Hotel s57 Christchurch Road. Tel.393439
Elstead Hotel s12 Knyveton Road. Tel.293071 Fax.293827
Embassy Hotel bMeyrick Road, East Cliff. Tel.290751 Fax.557459
Fairmount Hotel i15 Priory Road. Tel.551105
Fenn Lodge Hotel n11 Rosemount Road. Tel.761273
Fircroft Hotel r4 Owls Road. Tel.309771 Fax.395644
Fountain Hotel u13 Durley Road South, South Westcliff. Tel.551074
Freshfield Hotel e55 Christchurch Road. Tel.394023
Gervis Court Hotel r38 Gervis Road. Tel.556871
Glen Court Hotel e22 Glen Road, Boscombe. Tel.303723
Glencairn Manor Hotel e19 Manor Road. Tel.557636
Golden Sands Hotel l83 Alumhurst Road. Tel.763832
Golden Sovereigns Hotel l97 Alumhurst Road. Tel.762088
Gresham Court Hotel e4 Grove Road. Tel.551732
Grosvenor Hotel oBath Road, East Cliff. Tel.558858 Fax.298332
Hartford Court Hotel r48 Christchurch Road. Tel.551712
Haven Hotel v16 St Swithuns Road South. Tel.556071
Heathlands Hotel a12 Grove Road. Tel.553336
Hedley Hotel d125 West Hill Road, West Cliff. Tel.317168
Hermitage Hotel rExeter Road. Tel.557363 Fax.559173
Highclere Hotel g15 Burnaby Road, Alum Chine. Tel.761350
Highview Hotel g21 Burnaby Road. Tel.761471
Holmcroft Hotel l5 Earle Road. Tel.761289
Holmleigh Hotel l23 St Johns Road, Boscombe. Tel.396743
Hotel Collingwood t11 Priory Road, West Cliff. Tel.557575 Fax.293219
Hotel Courtlands t16 Boscombe Spa Road, East Cliff. Tel.302442 Fax.309880
Hotel Miramar tEast Overcliff, East Cliff. Tel.556581 Fax.291242
Hotel Piccadilly t23 Bath Road. Tel.556420
Hotel Sorrento t16 Owls Road. Tel.394019
Inverness Hotel v26 Tregonwell Road. Tel.554968
Jennifers Hotel n131 West Hill Road. Tel.553977
Kelmor Lodge Hotel l30 Stourcliffe Avenue. Tel.424061
Kenilworth Hotel n20 Tregonwell Road. Tel.554197
Kensington Hotel n18 Durley Chine Road, West Cliff. Tel.557434
Kenton House Hotel n22 Stourcliffe Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.418463
Kimberley Court Hotel m40 Pinecliffe Avenue. Tel.427583
Kings Langley Hotel n1 West Cliff Road. Tel.557349
Kiwi Hotel w135 West Hill Road. Tel.555889
Laguna Hotel gSuffolk Road South. Tel.767022
Lampeter Hotel mExeter Park Road. Tel.311181
Langdale Hotel n6 Earle Road. Tel.761174
Langtry Manor Hotel nDerby Road, East Cliff. Tel.553887 Fax.290115
Lawnswood Hotel w22 Studland Road, Alum Chine. Tel.761170
Lewisham Hotel w53 St Michaels Road. Tel.553904
Lindon Hotel n66 R L Stevenson Avenue. Tel.766537
Liston Hotel s5 Wollstonecraft Road, Boscombe. Tel.394588
Lloyds Hotel o123 West Hill Road. Tel.291112
Lynden Court Hotel n8 Durley Road, West Cliff. Tel.553894 Fax.317711
Lynton Hotel n53 West Hill Road. Tel.556906
Mae Mar Hotel e91 West Hill Road. Tel.553167
Majestic Hotel j36 Derby Road. Tel.294771
Manchester Hotel n56 St Michaels Road, West Cliff. Tel.553333
Mansfield Hotel nWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.552659
Marlborough Hotel r69 Sea Road, Boscombe. Tel.395716
Marsham Court Hotel rRussell Cotes Road, East Cliff. Tel.552111 Fax.294744
Marven Hotel r5 Watkin Road. Tel.397099
Mayfair Hotel y27 Bath Road. Tel.551983
Minton Lodge Hotel n4 St Johns Road, Boscombe. Tel.395707
Morningside Hotel r48 Southern Road. Tel.427924
Mount Stuart Hotel u31 Tregonwell Road. Tel.554639
New Ambassador Hotel wMeyrick Road. Tel.555453
New Durley Dean Hotel w28 West Cliff Road. Tel.557711 Fax.292815
Newbury Hotel w83 St Michaels Road. Tel.297000
Newlands Hotel w14 Rosemount Road. Tel.761922
Norfolk Royale Hotel rRichmond Hill. Tel.551521 Fax.299729
Normandie Hotel rManor Road, East Cliff. Tel.552246
Northover Hotel r10 Earle Road. Tel.767349
Overcliff Hotel e58 Grand Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.428300
Oxford Hall Hotel f6 Sandbourne Road. Tel.761016
Palm Court Hotel l38 Christchurch Road. Tel.558088
Parkfield Hotel r54 Frances Road. Tel.290059
Pavilion Hotel v22 Bath Road. Tel.291266 Fax.559264
Pennington Hotel n26 Southern Road. Tel.428653
Pinedale Hotel n40 Tregonwell Road, West Cliff. Tel.553733
Pinehurst Hotel nWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.292116
Portchester Hotel r76 Portchester Road. Tel.294841
Queens Hotel eMeyrick Road, East Cliff. Tel.554415 Fax.294810
Ravenstone Hotel v36 Burnaby Road. Tel.761047
Redlands Hotel d79 St Michaels Road. Tel.553714
Regency Hotel g30 Manor Road. Tel.556546
Riviera Hotel v14 Burnaby Road, Alum Chine. Tel.763653
Rochester Hotel c113 West Hill Road. Tel.315405
Rosedene Hotel sSt Peters Road. Tel.554102
Roselyn Hotel s55 West Cliff Road. Tel.761037
Rosemont Hotel s11 Argyll Road, Boscombe. Tel.395460
Rosscourt Hotel s6 St Johns Road. Tel.397537
Royal Bath Hotel yBath Road. Tel.555555 Fax.554158
Royal Exeter Hotel yExeter Road. Tel.290566 Fax.297963
Russell Court Hotel sBath Road. Tel.295819 Fax.293457
Rylstone Hotel l129 West Hill Road. Tel.555653
San Remo Hotel n7 Durley Road, West Cliff. Tel.290558
Sandy Beach Hotel n43 Southwood Avenue. Tel.424385
Savoy Hotel vWest Hill Road, West Cliff. Tel.294241
Sea View Court Hotel a14 Boscombe Spa Road. Tel.397197
Silver How Hotel lWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.551537
Southbourne Grove Hotel u96 Southbourne Road. Tel.420503
St George Hotel West Cliff Gardens. Tel.556075 Fax.557330
St Winifrides Hotel 1 Studland Road, Alum Chine. Tel.761829
Stakis Bournemouth Hotel aWestover Road. Tel.557681
Strouden Park Hotel r519 Castle Lane West. Tel.514315
Sun Court Hotel nWest Hill Road, West Cliff. Tel.551343 Fax.316747
Suncliff Hotel n29 East Overcliff Drive. Tel.291711 Fax.293788
Swallow Highcliff Hotel a105 St Michaels Road, West Cliff. Tel.557702 Fax.292734
Tenby House Hotel n23 Pinecliffe Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.423696
The Balincourt Hotel e58 Christchurch Road. Tel.0800 298862 Fax.552962
The Connaught Hotel e30 West Hill Road, West Cliff. Tel.298020 Fax.298020
The Grange Hotel e57 Southbourne Overcliff Drive. Tel.433093
The Grove Hotel e2 Grove Road. Tel.552233
The Saxonhurst Hotel e35 Sea Road, Boscombe. Tel.395954
Tower House Hotel wWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.290742
Tralee Hotel aWest Hill Road, West Cliff. Tel.556246
Tregonholme Hotel e33 Tregonwell Road. Tel.557117
Trouville Hotel o5 Priory Road. Tel.552262 Fax.293324
Tudor Grange Hotel d31 Gervis Road. Tel.291472
Ullswater Hotel lWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.555181 Fax.317896
Upton Hall Hotel t15 Rosemount Road. Tel.761304
Valberg Hotel l1 Wollstonecraft Road. Tel.394644
Washington Hotel s3 Durley Road, West Cliff. Tel.557023
Wessex Hotel s11 West Cliff Road. Tel.551911 Fax.297354
West Bay Hotel sWest Cliff Gardens. Tel.552261
West Cliff Towers Hotel s12 Priory Road. Tel.553319 Fax.553313
Westcotes Hotel s9 Southbourne Overcliff Drive. Tel.428512
Westleigh Hotel s26 West Hill Road. Tel.296989
Westover Gardens Hotel sWestover Road. Tel.556380
Whateley Hall Hotel a7 Florence Road, Boscombe. Tel.397749
Whitehall Hotel iExeter Park Road. Tel.554682 Fax.554682
Winter Dene Hotel n11 Durley Road South. Tel.554150
Winterbourne Hotel n4 Priory Road, West Cliff. Tel.296366 Fax.780073
Wood Lodge Hotel o10 Manor Road, East Cliff. Tel.290891
Woodcroft Tower Hotel o49 Gervis Road, East Cliff. Tel.558202
Woodford Court Hotel o19 Studland Road. Tel.764907
Woodside Hotel o29 Southern Road, Southbourne. Tel.427213
Wychcote Hotel c2 Somerville Road, West Cliff. Tel.557898
Yenton Hotel n5 Gervis Road. Tel.556334


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