Guest Houses in Bournemouth, Dorset

Dialing Code: 01202

Aaron House Hotel r18 Purbeck Road. Tel.292865
Albatross Guest House b48 St Michaels Road. Tel.552558
Alum Grange Hotel u1 Burnaby Road, Alum Chine. Tel.761195 Fax.760973
Ambleside Hotel b27 Southern Road, Southbourne. Tel.423713
Balincourt Hotel l58 Christchurch Road. Tel.552962 Fax.552962
Belmont Lodge l21 Grand Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.425433
Borodale Hotel r10 St Johns Road, Boscombe. Tel.395285
Bycliffe Guest House c41 St Michaels Road. Tel.552961
Callander Guest House l227 Holdenhurst Road. Tel.396148
Cambridge House m30 Purbeck Road. Tel.558436
Carlton Lodge Hotel r12 Westby Road. Tel.303650
Cherry View Hotel e66 Alum Chine Road. Tel.760910
Clematis Guest House e5 Westby Road, Boscombe. Tel.394791
Cransley Hotel a11 Knyveton Road, East Cliff. Tel.290067 Fax.294368
Crescent Lodge Hotel e9 The Crescent. Tel.300033
Dene Court n19 Boscombe Spa Road. Tel.394874
Dorset House r225 Holdenhurst Road. Tel.397908
East Cliff Cottage Hotel s57 Grove Road. Tel.552788 Fax.556400
Edwardian Hotel w21 Westby Road. Tel.396906
Egerton House Hotel e385 Holdenhurst Road. Tel.394024
Fairhaven Guest House i48 Westbourne Park Road. Tel.761588
Farthings r5 Grove Road. Tel.558660 Fax.293766
Ferriby Guest House r17 Southcote Road. Tel.294836
Fielden Court Guest House e20 Southern Road. Tel.427459
Grasmere Hotel a15 Cecil Road. Tel.303004
Gresham Court Hotel e4 Grove Road, East Cliff. Tel.551732 Fax.551559
Holmcroft Hotel l5 Earl Road, Alum Chine. Tel.761289 Fax.761289
Linton Guest House n5 Upper Terrace Road. Tel.290875
Linwood House Hotel n11 Wilfred Road, Boscombe. Tel.397818
Lynmouth Private Hotel n3 Hamilton Road. Tel.393131
Northover Private Hotel r10 Earl Road, Alum Chine. Tel.767349
Oak-Lea Guest House k25 Cecil Road. Tel.398862
Pineleigh Guest House n16 Fishermans Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.427945
Pinetrees Guest House n19 Suffolk Road. Tel.558013
Pinewood Guest House n197 Holdenhurst Road. Tel.292684
Poppies Guest House p25 Drummond Road, Boscombe. Tel.393659
Ravensbourne Guest House v17 Westby Road. Tel.309770
Rockbourne Guest House c1250 Christchurch Road. Tel.426213
Rutland Guest House t217 Holdenhurst Road. Tel.553730
Sandy Bay Guest House n3 Westby Road, Boscombe. Tel.309245
Shalford Guest House a36 St Michaels Road, West Cliff. Tel.290265
Shearwater Hotel e61 Grand Avenue. Tel.423396
Sherwood Guest House e44 Pinecliffe Avenue. Tel.427693
Sherwood Lodge Guest House e15 Drummond Road, Boscombe. Tel.398020
Silver Trees l57 Wimborne Road. Tel.556040
St Michaels Guest House 42 St Michaels Road, Westcliffe. Tel.557386 Fax.557386
Sun Haven Guest House n39 Southern Road, Southbourne. Tel.427560
Sweet Briar Guest House e12 Derby Road. Tel.553028
The Avenue Guest House e2 Fishermans Avenue. Tel.426673
The Boltons Hotel e9 Durley Chine Road South, West Cliff. Tel.751517 Fax.751629
The Shady Nook Guest House e3 Upper Terrace Road. Tel.551557
The Silverthorn Hotel e10 Herbert Road, Westbourne. Tel.766204
The Strand Hotel e19 Westby Road. Tel.397717
Trelawny Guest House e34 Wellington Road. Tel.554015
Tudor Grange Hotel d31 Gervis Road. Tel.291472
Valberg Hotel l1 Wollstonecraft Road, Boscombe. Tel.394644
Wenmaur House Hotel n14 Carysfort Road, Boscombe. Tel.395081
West Dene Private Hotel s117 Alumhurst Road, Alum Chine. Tel.764843 Fax.764843
White Heather Guest House i11 Southcote Road. Tel.552486
Willowdene Hotel l43 Grand Avenue, Southbourne. Tel.425370 Fax.425370
Windemere Guest House n65 West Hill Road. Tel.551050
Wood Lodge Hotel o10 Manor Road, East Cliff. Tel.290891 Fax.290892
Woodford Court Hotel o19 Studland Road, Alum Chine. Tel.764907 Fax.761214
Woodleigh House o31 Beaulieu Road. Tel.760120


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