Guest Houses in Plymouth , Devon

Dialing Code: 01752

Acorns & Lawns Guest House o171 Citadel Road. Tel.229474
Admirals Rendezvous Guest House m2 Crescent Avenue, The Hoe. Tel.666151
Admirals Rest Hotel m64 Durnford Street, Stonehouse. Tel.224306 Fax.226111
Athenaeum Lodge h4 Athenaeum Street, The Hoe. Tel.665005
Brittany Guest House i28 Athenaeum Street. Tel.262247
Caradus Guest House r25 Athenaeum Street. Tel.664635
Caraneal Hotel r12-14 Pier Street. Tel.663589
Chester Guest House e54 Stuart Road, Pennycomequick. Tel.663706
Citadel House t55 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.661712 Fax.202192
Clarendon Court Guest House a110 Devonport Road, Stoke. Tel.564834
Cobblestones Guest House b229 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.667896
Corner Guest House r98 Devonport Road. Tel.561908
Denver Hotel n112a North Road East. Tel.660687
Deva Guest House v16 Radford Road, West Hoe. Tel.662999
Dudley Hotel d42 Sutherland Road, Mutley. Tel.668322 Fax.673763
Edgcumbe g50 Pier Street, West Hoe. Tel.660675
Elizabethan Guest House i223 Citadel Road East. Tel.661672
Georgian House Hotel o51 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.663237 Fax.253953
Hoegate House eHoegate Street, The Hoe. Tel.661033
Kamares Guest House m17 Athenaeum Street. Tel.669509
Lamplighter Hotel m103 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.663855
Mary House Guest House r10 Houndiscombe Road, Mutley. Tel.662648
Mayflower Guest House y209 Citadel Road East. Tel.202727
Netton Farmhouse tNoss Mayo. Tel.873080
Old Pier Guest House d20 Radford Road, West Hoe. Tel.268468
Osmond Guest House m42 Pier Street, West Hoe??. Tel.229705
Plymouth Guest House y5 Crescent Avenue. Tel.222123
Poppy's Guest House p4 Alfred Street, The Hoe. Tel.670452
Rosaland Hotel s32 Houndiscombe Road, Mutley. Tel.664749 Fax.256984
Rusty Anchor Hotel s30 Grand Parade, The Hoe??. Tel.663924 Fax.663924
Sea Breezes a28 Grand Parade, West Hoe??. Tel.667205
Seymour Guest House y211 Citadel Road East. Tel.667002
Squires Guest House u7 St James Place East, The Hoe. Tel.261459
St Lawrence Guest House 10 St Lawrence Road. Tel.667046
St Lawrence Of St James Guest House 16 St James Place West, The Hoe. Tel.671901
St Malo Guest House 19 Garden Crescent. Tel.262961
Staymor Guest House a66 North Road East. Tel.660801
Summer Court Guest House m69 Alma Road, Pennycomequick. Tel.669270
Swinton Hotel i43 Sutherland Road, Mutley. Tel.660887
Teviot Guest House v20 North Road East. Tel.262656
The Cranborne Hotel e282 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.263858 Fax.263858
The Firs Guest House e13 Pier Street, West Hoe. Tel.262870
The Lamplighter Hotel e103 Citadel Road, The Hoe. Tel.663855 Fax.228139
The Moorings Guest House e4 Garden Crescent, West Hoe. Tel.250128
The Roscoff Guest House e32 Grand Parade. Tel.257900
The Villa e1 Glen Park Avenue, Mutley. Tel.223158
Waters Edge Hotel t29 Grand Parade, West Hoe. Tel.266449
West Hoe Guest House s26 Pier Street. Tel.252006


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