Guest Houses in St Ives, Cornwall

Dialing Code: 01736

Bay View Guest House y5 Pednolver Terrace. Tel.796765
Channings Hotel a3 Talland Road. Tel.795681 Fax.797863
Chineside Guest House iBoskerris Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.795659
Chy Garth Guest House ySt Ives Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.795677
Chy Lelan Guest House yBunkers Hill. Tel.797560
Downlong Cottage Guest House w95 Back Road East. Tel.798107
Endsleigh Private Hotel dSt Ives Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.795777
Harbour Lights Guest House rCourt Cocking. Tel.795525
Harbour View Guest House r6 Parc Avenue. Tel.796102
Headland House aHeadland Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.796647 Fax.796647
Island View Guest House l2 Parc Avenue. Tel.795111
Kandahar Guest House n11 The Warren. Tel.796183
Kynance Guest House nThe Warren. Tel.796636
Longships Hotel nTalland Road. Tel.798180 Fax.798180
Lynmar Guest House n4 The Terrace. Tel.794152
Lyonesse Hotel o5 Talland Road. Tel.796315 Fax.796315
Making Waves Guest House k3 Richmond Place. Tel.793895
Monteray Guest House n7 Clodgy View. Tel.794248
Pier View Guest House e32/34 Pier View, Back Road East. Tel.794268
Queens Tavern eHigh Street. Tel.796468 Fax.796468
Regent Hotel gFernlea Terrace. Tel.796195 Fax.794641
Rivendell Guest House v7 Porthminster Terrace. Tel.794923
Seagulls Guest House a4 Godrevy Terrace. Tel.797273 Fax.799297
St Margarets Guest House 3 Parc Avenue. Tel.795785
Sunrise n22 The Warren. Tel.795407
Surfside Guest House rGodrevy Terrace. Tel.793825
The Old Vicarage Hotel ePrac-an-Creet. Tel.796124 Fax.796343
Thurlestone Private Hotel uSt Ives Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.796369
Tregony Guest House e1 Clodgy View. Tel.795884 Fax.798942
Tregorran Hotel eHeadland Road, Carbis Bay. Tel.795889
Trelowena Guest House e27 Richmond Way, Carbis Bay. Tel.798276
Whitewaves Guest House i4 Sea View Terrace. Tel.796595
Windsor House n8 The Terrace. Tel.798421


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