Bloomsbury, Camden

We currently do not have any Guest House listings for Bloomsbury.

Here are the Hotel listings for Bloomsbury:

Dialing Code: 020

Academy Hotel a17 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76314115 Fax.76363442
Acorns Hotel o42 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.78373077
Albany Hotel b34 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.78379139
Arosfa Hotel o83 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76362115
Arran Hotel r77 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76371140
Avalon Hotel a46 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73872366
Avonmore Hotel o57 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73871939
Bedford Hotel d83 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury. Tel.76367822
Bedford House Hotel d1 Bloomsbury Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76360577
Blooms Hotel oMontague Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.73231717 Fax.76366498
Bloomsbury Park Hotel o126 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury. Tel.74300434 Fax.72420665
Bonnington Hotel n92 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury. Tel.72422828 Fax.78319170
Celtic Hotel l61 Guilford Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.78376737
Cheshire Hotel e110 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76377777
Cosmo House Hotel s27 Bloomsbury Square, Bloomsbury. Tel.76364661 Fax.76360577
Cottage Hotel t67 Euston Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.73876785
Crescent Hotel e49 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73871515
Euro Hotel r53 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73874321
Euston Square Hotel s152 North Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.73880099
Fitzroy Hotel t41 Fitzroy Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.73877919
Garth Hotel r69 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76365761
George Hotel o58 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73876789
Goodwood Hotel o38 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.78370855
Gower House Hotel w57 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.56364685
Grenville House Hotel e4 Guilford Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.74059470
Gresham Hotel e36 Bloomsbury Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.75804232
Guilford Hotel i6 Guilford Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.74302504
Haddon Hall Hotel d39 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76362474
Harlingford Hotel r61 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73871551
Hotel Crichton t36 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76373955
Hotel Russell tRussell Square, Bloomsbury. Tel.78376470 Fax.78372857
Imperial Hotel p61 Russell Square, Bloomsbury. Tel.78373655
Jesmond Hotel s63 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76363199
Langland Hotel n31 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76365801
London Ryan Hotel nKing's Cross Road, Bloomsbury. Tel.72782480 Fax.78373776
Lonsdale Hotel n9 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76361812
Mabledon Court Hotel b10 Mabledon Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.73883866
Mentone Hotel n54 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury. Tel.73873927 Fax.73884671
Montague On The Gardens Hotel n15 Montague Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76371001 Fax.76372516
Morgan Hotel r24 Bloomsbury Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76363735
North Gower Hotel r190 North Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.73831414
Northumberland Hotel r11 Euston Road, Bloomsbury. Tel.78375675
President Hotel eRussell Square, Bloomsbury. Tel.78378844
Regency House Hotel g71 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76371804 Fax.73235077
Repton Hotel p31 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76367045
Ridgemount Hotel d65 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.76361141
Royal National Hotel y38 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury. Tel.76372488
Royal Scot Hotel y100 King's Cross Road, Bloomsbury. Tel.72782434 Fax.78330798
Staunton Hotel a13 Gower Street, Bloomsbury. Tel.75802740
Tavistock Hotel vTavistock Square, Bloomsbury. Tel.76368383
Thanet Hotel a8 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76362869
Thistle Bloomsbury Hotel iBloomsbury Way, Bloomsbury. Tel.72425881 Fax.78310225
Wansbeck Garden Hotel n6 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Tel.76366232


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